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Lockdown Poems

Read these two fantastic poems written by pupils in Lockdown:



This virus is dangerous, we're all filled with doubt,

'stay home' they say, yet some still go out.

Why won't they listen, why won't the message sink in?

We want to out and see our friends 

But we have to wait until this virus ends.

The stocking up on loo rolls

Baking cakes and trying to get a goal

Take a moment, let this sink in

You need to take action you need to stay in

You won't get a free pass

because your supposedly healthy

The virus don't care

whether you're poor or wealthy

So when it gets you

perhaps you'll believe what there saying is true. 

Wash your hands,

stay indoors

Don't be stupid

It's everyone's life at risk not just yours.


Lockdown poem:

An hour of exercise a day,

working from home to earn pay,

No dressing up to go out, 

just staying home with a pout.


Being cooped up inside all day long, 

soon I will be back to where I belong,

Learning through microsoft teams calls,

having to stay surrounded by walls.


Patiently waiting and anticipating the end,

I can't wait to eventually see my friend.

Everyday feels like a month and a month a year,

'Lockdown has been lifted' is all I want to hear.