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GCSE Results Day Message

Campion School is celebrating the achievement of its pupils who have, yet again, achieved well in all subject areas this year, with more than 80% of pupils achieving a Grade 4, or above, in English, and 70% achieving a Grade 4, or above, in GCSE Maths. More pupils than ever have achieved the highest grades of 7, 8 and 9, continuing the upward trend of sustained success and improvement over the last five years.

Jassa Panesar, Headteacher, commented, “I would like to congratulate all of our wonderful Year 11 pupils who have worked so hard for five years. This year group has been delightful, with some unforgettable personalities. Grateful thanks must go out to their families, along with those of our Year 10 pupils, who have studied early for GCSEs, as without their sustained support the pupils and, in turn, the school, could not have progressed.

Sixth form at Campion beckons for many of our Year 11 pupils as we make preparations to encourage them on to even greater success over the next two years. Although this has been a challenging academic year, these results are well deserved and will ensure that the doors through to the next challenge will open up for our young people.”

The school has produced above average Progress 8 scores for the past three years and had anticipated a set of high results. Peter Forsey, Deputy Headteacher, who is responsible for pupil achievement at the school commented:

“We are very proud of the hard work and attitude of our students during the last three years of their GCSE courses and at how they have reacted to the challenges of the last few months. This year group has produced some of the highest results we have seen at Campion and their grades are well deserved, which has been evident from their attitude, consistent hard work and the results of the rigorous mock examinations throughout their courses. The grades reflect the achievement of the students and they should be proud of themselves.”