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Further Important Information

The refectory uses a cashless system so your child never needs to carry cash to and from school or around the site.

The children will be set with the finger recognition system on their first day- so it should be ready to work on their first day of school enabling them to get drinks and snacks at break and lunch.

You can keep their account credited by:

  •  Paying online through ParentPay - please note that you need to set up an account with ParentPay online to be able to do this. You will be sent a letter with instructions how to do this online. You can also pay for school trips, music lessons etc. through this payment system.
  •  Cash credited to your child’s account using the fingerprint machine in the main school corridor.
  •  Sending cheques in with your child directly to the catering manager in the refectory.

The SIMS App

We utilise the SIMs App to gain your most up to date information. The app also showcases very important information such as your child’s timetable, conduct, merits and a reporting system. You will receive an invite code to join the app during the first week of school in September. We have recently launched it to other year groups see the letter below.