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The Workshops and Interventions

The Workshops and Interventions

Writing Workshop: Children who have experienced some literacy difficulties during the early years, can be reluctant or unable to write sufficiently well enough at KS3.  Within the Core Skills programme we have devised a Writing Workshop style approach to develop pupils writing skills and promote an appreciation of good writing. Pupils are encouraged to see themselves as ‘writers’ and are guided through the processes of writing; pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and finally ‘publishing’ their  finished work. Regular sharing of their writing takes place within the group and 1:1 teacher conference sessions provide individual feedback. Grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation skills are consolidated as pupils write.



Literacy & Numeracy workshops:  Teaching approach will vary between; the whole group working together to develop new learning to pupils working individually to consolidate their learning. 

Pupils also undertake regular mini progress tests to track learning effectiveness.


Guided Reading Workshop: this approach is used to not only increase reading fluency and decoding skills - but also develop a deeper understanding of both fiction and non-fiction texts through detailed discussion and analysis of character motivation, themes, author

techniques and more. Pupils work in small groups using a variety of fictional and non-fictional reading resources to fully develop their reading abilities.

Handwriting & Presentation Workshop: Pupils are referred by teachers who have concerns about the clarity of their handwriting. Workshops take place during morning Tutor period and last approximately 20 minutes. 


Spelling workshop: Pupils are referred by Teachers who have concerns about pupils’ ability to spell sufficiently well enough for their work to be understood. Workshops take place during morning Tutor period and last approximately 20 minutes.