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FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships’ status

Campion School Awarded FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships’ status
Currently the only school in the county with this status

The Youth Sport Trust and The Football Association have recruited a network of education-based partnerships with schools throughout England.Formally known as ‘The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships’, they will create strategic partnerships with families of schools that are committed to the growth and development of girls’ football.

Our Ambition

Through this infrastructure, we aim to develop innovative ways to deliver football for girls, improving participation from their very first experience and creating the next generation of female footballers, coaches and volunteers. We have four clear ambitions:

      Demonstrate the value of girl’s football within whole school through delivery of bespoke interventions for our local partner schools through which schools can access FREE CPD and resources

      Advocate the impact of football on girls’ wellbeing, leadership and achievement

      Develop and test specialist interventions and learning through the vehicle of football in schools

      Collaborate with partners to support transition of young people to sustain their involvement in girls’ football.

 For the Schools in our area:

In the primary sector, the focus of the Partnerships will be to increase the physical literacy of five- to eight-year-old girls through programmes, such as Active Play through Storytelling and ensuring a girl’s first experience of football is positive. The secondary offer involves the development of character education skills using the vehicle of girls’ football in the curriculum underpinned by the Youth Sport Award, a reward and recognition scheme. 

Across all school sectors, the goal is to engage, excite and encourage girls to become more physically active with improved well-being and develop their confidence and competence to play football at school and in a community setting, making football a part of their life.