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Digital School House

Miss Ingles is teaching amazing ICT this year to all of our feeder primary schools. Campion is working in partnership with 'Digital School House' and we are offering lessons in:

Workshop 1 - 'E Safety Comics':

This workshop discusses the importance of E Safety looking at SMART (safe, meeting, accepting, reliable, tell) and the effects of online behaviour.  We explore E Safety through Graphic Design allowing pupils to design and debug, evaluate the differences in developing electronic interactive comics and apply logical reasoning to explain how algorithms work.  Through exploring unplugged activities to grasp the design concept, we will transfer these skills onto the computer.  Using the programme 'Comic Life' pupils are able to create their own E Safety comic. 
Workshop 2 - 'Micro: bit in Wonderland: Coding and Craft'
This workshop explores coding and electronics with a purpose behind the creative process. This workshop provides and introduction to using the micro: bit recreating objects and scenes from Alice’s adventures providing, an imaginative backdrop for developing modern skills. Pupils will learn to code and programme the micro:bit and make fun and useful things.