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Exam Support

We try to make exams as stress free as possible for all our pupils.

We have moved on since the days of a big hall crammed full of nervous pupils at exam desk. We try to look at the best way for each individual to sit their exams within the rules set out by the exam boards. Some pupils still sit their exams in the gym, but some sit at desks in a hall, some pupils with SEND sit in a small group in a classroom and some pupils sit individually in offices.

Pupils with SEND can get help with reading the exam papers. They may also be given extra time to complete the exam paper or a scribe to write their answers for them. These are not entitlements and it is not up to the school to decide whether a child gets extra help or not. The exam board has the final decision. The school needs an assessment from an external specialist and then put a case to the exam board.