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Many pupils have problems with their vision such as being long or short sighted.

The school is taking part in a project working with Specsavers which offers a preliminary screening test for children’s eyes using specific software that checks for certain conditions. This is not the same as a screening by a suitably qualified professional.

A small number of children have more serious problems with their sight.

We have experience of working with pupils with limited vision.

These are steps we may be able to take to help a child with reduced vision access the curriculum:

  • Enlarge all worksheets and textbooks to a size that makes them easier to read.
  • Provide a teaching assistant to support the child in class and to help them read if this is necessary.
  •  Provide a reader and/or a scribe in public examinations to help them access the assessment. Whether this can happen or not is the decision of the Examination Board and not the school.