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ADHD affects roughly 1 child in 20 and is thought be a genetic trait that affects a child's ability to focus and concentrate. It affects more boys than girls, but that may be down to girls being better at compensating for the condition.



What is ADHD?

Hyperactivity refers to the activity of the brain, which often manifests itself through physical activity. Brain hyperactivity has been described as a brain full of ideas fluttering aound like butterflies inside your head. You have to catch one of the ideas to be able to focus on it for a while in class.










What is it like to have ADHD?

It is important to realise that low ability is not a symptom of ADHD. Low attainment is more likelyas these pupils will need help to realise more of their potential as their processing, organising and short term memory are lslower.



 Myths about ADHD


Are there any benefits for children with ADHD


Teaching strategies for children with ADHD







This is a great book if you want to do further reading on how to help children with ADHD in your classes.