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Drama KS4

At GCSE students benefit from the opportunity to have variety in their learning style and remain well rounded as a student of the arts as well as other disciplines. We follow the OCR GCSE Drama examination specification.

During the three years of Key Stage 4 we aim to offer an opportunity to visit professional at least once each academic year.

At GCSE students:

* Enhance their basic dramatic skills, creating more sophisticated and developed performances.

* Explore further Theatrical practice with practitioners such as Brecht providing a contrast to their knowledge of Stanislavski.

* Learn to both analyse and practically explore a play text.

* Stage a shortened version of a Shakespeare play and aim to take this to the RSC’s school Shakespeare festival.

* Devise a performance based on a Stimulus given by the exam board.

* Perform extracts from a published play to a visiting examiner.

* Analyse and explore a published play text as well as a piece of Live Theatre they have seen.