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Drama KS4

At GCSE students benefit from the opportunity to have variety in their learning style and remain well rounded as a student of the arts as well as other disciplines. We follow the OCR GCSE Drama examination specification. 

During Key Stage 4 we aim to offer an opportunity to visit professional theatre at least once each academic year, as well as encouraging students to access the wealth of productions available through the school’s subscription to the Digital Theatre+ platform. Students complete their study of Drama GCSE in Y10 but continue to study the subject in Y11.

A GCSE in Drama allows students to show that they have essential life skills such as good teamwork, communication, problem solving, creativity, independence and confidence.

At GCSE students:

* Enhance their basic dramatic skills, creating more sophisticated and developed performances.

* Explore further Theatrical practice with practitioners such as Brecht providing a contrast to their knowledge of Stanislavski.

* Learn to both analyse and practically explore a play text.

* Devise a performance based on a Stimulus given by the exam board.

* Perform extracts from a published play to a visiting examiner.

* Analyse and explore a published play text as well as a piece of Live Theatre they have seen.