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AQA Physics

What is the course about?

At Campion we offer AS/A2 AQA Physics. This course will appeal to students who have an interest in developing their knowledge and understanding of Physics. Physics tries to explain all the parts of the universe, from the biggest to the smallest, the forces that they exert on each other and the way that these forces behave.  In a nutshell, Physics is the science of everything.  If you’ve ever had an interest in how things work or wondered why the world behaves as it does, then you should be studying Physics.

The course is split in AS and the A2 levels and includes the following parts:

AS Physics

1. Measurements and their errors - including use of SI units and their prefixes, limitations of physical measurement and estimation of physical quantities

2. Particles and radiation – including constituents of the atom, particle interactions and collisions of electrons with atoms

3. Waves - including progressive waves, interference and diffraction

4. Mechanics and energyincluding projectile motion and Newton’s laws of motion

5. Electricity - including current/voltage characteristics, circuits, electromotive force and internal resistance

A2 Physics

6. Further mechanics and thermal physics - including periodic motion, thermal energy transfer and molecular kinetic theory model

7. Fields - including Newton’s law of gravitation, orbits of planets and satellites and magnetic flux density

8. Nuclear physicsincluding evidence for the nucleus, radioactive decay and nuclear instability


How will I be assessed?

The AS/A2 Physics course is assessed through written examinations in June of year 12/13 which will assess both scientific knowledge and practical knowledge.

AS Physics

Paper 1: Content from all AS topics. 1 hour 30 minute paper worth 50%.

Paper 2: Content from all AS topics as well as practical skills and data analysis. 1 hour 30 minute paper worth 50%.

A2 Physics

Paper 1: Any content from Topics 1-5 above and periodic motion. 2 hour paper worth 34%.

Paper 2: Any content from Topics 6-8 above. 2 hour paper worth 34%.

Paper 3: Optional topic as well as practical skills and data analysis. 2 hour paper worth 32%.

How will this course help me in the future?

From accounting, banking, computing, designing, engineering to pharmacology or even zookeeper- the range of possible careers is much wider than you might think!!