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Edexcel A-Level Mathematics

What is the course about?


This course offers an excellent balance of pure and applied mathematics, making it an ideal core subject to support science, business & economics, geography and psychology courses, as well as being of interest to those who love maths!


How will I be assessed?


Students sit 3 papers, all are 2 hours long and worth 100 marks each. All three papers are sat at the end of the two year course.


Paper 1: Pure Maths 1 & Paper 2: Pure Maths 2


Topic 1 – Proof

Topic 2 – Algebra and functions

Topic 3 – Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane

Topic 4 – Sequences and series

Topic 5 – Trigonometry

Topic 6 – Exponentials and logarithms

Topic 7 – Differentiation

Topic 8 – Integration

Topic 9 – Numerical methods

Topic 10 – Vectors


Paper 3: Mechanics & Statistics


Section A: Statistics

Topic 1 – Statistical sampling

Topic 2 – Data presentation and interpretation

Topic 3 – Probability

Topic 4 – Statistical distributions

Topic 5 – Statistical hypothesis testing


Section B: Mechanics

Topic 6 – Quantities and units in mechanics

Topic 7 – Kinematics

Topic 8 – Forces and Newton’s laws

Topic 9 – Moments


How will this course help me in the future?


A level mathematics opens a huge number of doors for future study and career pathways.  The future is infinite with A level mathematics.



Minimum Requirements


In addition to the minimum requirements set by the sixth form, pupils must also sit a maths entrance exam in the July prior to the start of the course.