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Science Curriculum Key Stage 4

9-1 Key Stage 4 (Year 9 - 11)

Pupils will study the 9-1 GCSE curriculum and will be following the AQA syllabus. All pupils will be provided with text books (Biology, Chemistry and Physics on rotation in relation to the content they’re learning in class) to support both their class work and homework. All pupils will achieve three GCSE’s following the separate science specification. Whilst in years 9 and 10 pupils will receive two hours of science homework a week which reinforces and extends their knowledge of the content they are covering in class. In year 11 pupils will receive two hours of science homework a week, this homework is designed to support revision. As all the science GCSE content is finished by the end of year 10, this allows us to use year 11 as revision. Whilst the pupils are revising one topic in class, their homework gets them revising another topic at home. There is no coursework, all assessment is exam based at the end of year 11.

Biology Units

4.1 Cell Biology

4.2 Organisation

4.3 Infection and Response

4.4 Bioenergetics

4.5 Homeostasis and Response

4.6 Inheritance; variation and evolution

4.7 Ecology

Chemistry Units 

4.1 Atomic Structure and periodic table

4.2 Bonding structure and properties of matter

4.3 Quantitative Chemistry

4.4 Chemical Changes

4.5 Energy Changes

4.6 Rate and extent chemical change

4.7 Organic Chemistry

4.8 Chemical Analysis

4.9 Chemistry of the atmosphere

4.10 Using Resources

 Physics Units

4.1 Energy

4.2 Electricity

4.3 Particle Model of Matter

4.4 Atomic Structure

4.5 Forces

4.6 Waves

4.7 Magnetism and Electromagnetism

4.8 Space