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Science Curriculum Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 (Year 7&8)

Pupils will study a curriculum designed to build up to GCSE 9-1 curriculum where the three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) are taught as separate units and as independent science homework projects. There are two pathways in which science is taught at KS3 and this is dependent on sets. 

Pathway 1 – Foundation Legacy GCSE

The top two sets in year 7 and 8 will follow a legacy GCSE style syllabus. We have a designed a curriculum that extends our pupils but still covers the core concepts pupils learn in KS3 along with the fun practical side. Pupils cover foundation GCSE content in class and complete purpose designed homework booklets. These booklets are designed using KS3 resources and recap the content the pupils are doing in class to support with both bridging the gap and reinforcement of classwork understanding. All pupils following this pathway are provided with legacy Edexcel GCSE textbooks.

Year 7 Units                                                 

B1 – Cells                                                    

B2 – Plant and Animal Systems                      

C1 – Atoms and the Periodic Table                  

C2 – Quantitative Chemistry                          

P1 - Electricity                                              

P2 – Forces and Calculations                         

Year 8 Units

 B1 – Health, Disease and Inheritance

B2 – Animals and Responding to their environment

C1 – Rocks and Metals

C2 – Atmosphere and Fuels

P1 – Waves

P2 – Energy, Electricity and Space

Pathway 2 – KS3 Curriculum 

All other sets in years 7 and 8 will follow a purpose built KS3 curriculum that builds up to GCSE. This curriculum has been designed so pupils have the opportunity to explore science both inside and outside the classroom in order to nurture their own scientific curiosity. This curriculum ensures that all topics that are covered at GCSE level are introduced at KS3 so that no pupil starts their GCSE science with gaps in their knowledge. Pupils cover KS3 content in class supported by an Activate textbook and complete purpose designed homework projects which take 5 weeks to complete. The homework projects are designed to get pupils researching, reading and writing about science in order to spark further interest in the subject. All pupils following this pathway are provided with Activate textbooks.

Year 7 Units 

Introduction to Science 

B1 – Cells and Functions 

B2 – Reproduction    

C1 – Particles and Kinetic Theory 

C2 – Chemical Reactions 

P1 - Waves

P2 – Force

Year 8 Units

B1 – Ecology, Plants and Inheritance

B2 – Health and Lifestyle 

C1 – Substances and Separation

C2 – Metals and Acid

P1 – Electricity

P2 – Energy and Speed