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Forensic Science

BTEC Applied Science (Forensic Science)

What is the course about?

The course is equivalent to one ‘A’ level.

This course will appeal to students who have an interest in the vocational applications of Science. In Year 12 it introduces you to the different jobs a scientist may do and how science is perceived in the public eye, while in Year 13 students go on to study about what makes a criminal and how scientists support police investigators in helping to solve crimes.


Students study six Units in total.

In Year 12 they study:

Unit 1 ‘Fundamentals of Science’. This introduces students to higher understanding of the principles of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and some of the different jobs a scientist may do.

Unit 2 ‘Working in the Science Industry’. This shows students what happens in different science workplaces and gives them a chance to understand how labs can be designed.

Unit 4 ‘Scientific Practical Techniques’. Here students get a chance to develop some of their practical skills including methods used by science technicians in the workplace.


In Year 13 they study:

Unit 5 ‘Perceptions of Science’. This unit explores how science is presented to the general public by the media and how reporting can affect the public’s ideas towards science. It also deals with moral and ethical issues in science including organ cloning and transplanting and animal testing.

Unit 31 ‘Criminology’. What is a criminal? Why do people turn to crime? Here the student explores these questions, as well as how society deals with criminals.

Unit 32 ‘Forensic Evidence Collection and Analysis’. Here students investigate forensic techniques and carry out a Crime Scene analysis.

How will I be assessed? (EDEXCEL)

All Units are internally assessed by the teachers. There is no exam.


How will this course help me in the future?

This course is an ideal preparation for candidates interested in a career in science, including science technician work in industry or hospitals, or further studies in science at university. Some students go on to become Forensic Scientists or Crime Scene Investigators.