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AQA A Level Drama and Theatre

What is the course about?

The course covers different aspects of Drama and Theatre including studying different plays and theatrical practitioners (some of whom you may already be familiar with and others who may be new to you).

You will continue to be investigative and independent learners with an emphasis on practical exploration, even for the elements which will be assessed in the written examination.

You will work in groups and alone and be expected to commit your time and energy. We will also regularly visit the theatre during the 2 years of the course.

Importantly it is also a different subject to many others with a practical emphasis, for some students this variety is a valuable element of their subject mix.


How will I be assessed?


Component 1: Drama and theatre 40% of A Level

A three hour written exam covering 2 set texts which have been studied and an analysis and evaluation of live theatre you have seen during the course.


Component 2: Creating original drama 30% of A Level

In groups you will create and perform your own original devised performance (influenced by a practitioner). You will also Create a working notebook to show your process and analyse and evaluate your work.


Component 3: Making theatre 30% of A Level

You will practically explore and interpret 3 extracts from 3 different plays, using influences from theatrical practitioners. You will perform the third extract to a visiting examiner and write a reflective report about your work.


How will this course help me in the future?


This A Level can be used as part of your course to broaden your studies and may lead on to a career in the performing arts industries (according to website the creative arts contribute £92billion to the economy and is growing at twice the rate of the rest of the economy) or many other areas (A Level Drama is a positive on an application to study Law!). There are also many subject specific pathways such as Theatre based degrees and HNDs if you wish to continue your studies in this area.

Drama enables students to develop their interpersonal, presentational, communicative, problem-solving, creative and team-work skills that are fundamental necessities of life.  Drama and Theatre in their own right are unique and benefit the individual in a way that is not gained from anywhere else.  The Drama experience enriches the quality of our lives and is a valuable entity to take part in.  It has given and will continue to give a profound understanding of the human spirit. Therefore, Drama and Theatre Advanced GCE complement many subjects and are useful in building confidence and life skills for any career, demonstrating to Universities and employers that you have the confidence, team-working and communication skills they are looking for.