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Business Studies A Level

AQA Business Studies A Level

What is the course about?

You do not need to have studied Business Studies at GCSE in order to take an AS or A Level course in this subject.  It is more important that you should take an interest in current affairs and the business world and that you are able to communicate your ideas effectively.


Business Studies provides a forum for constructive debate about real life business issues, such as how to market a product or compete with multi-national firms.  The subject is a very relevant learning experience with the issues taught and the skills learnt being used by students who enjoy solving practical problems in a logical manner.  Topics covered in the course are:

·     What is business?

·     Managers, leadership and decision making

·     Decision making to improve marketing performance

·     Decision making to improve operational performance

·     Decision making to improve financial performance

·     Decision making to improve human resource performance

·     Analysing the strategic position of a business (A-level only)

·     Choosing strategic direction (A-level only)

·     Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies (A-level only)

·     Managing strategic change (A-level only)

How will I be assessed?


AS units - Two 1h 30m examinations each worth 50%. 

Questions will consist of:

·         Multiple choice questions

·         Short answer questions

·         Data response stimuli with questions

·         Case study questions


 A2 units - Three 2 hour examinations each worth 33.3%

Questions will consist of:

·         Section A has 15 multiple choice questions

·         Section B has short answer questions

·         Section C has two essay questions (choice of two from four)

·         Data response stimuli with questions

·         Case study questions

How will this course help me in the future?

The majority of students go on to university where Business Studies represents the largest single subject in the university sector.  Studying this course will provide you with the opportunity to develop your communication and independent learning skills which are vital when moving on to higher education.  For potential employers, Business Studies with its broad study base and its balance of numerical and written skills is an ideal foundation for the recruitment of students for managerial positions.