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Business BTEC

Edexcel BTEC Business

What is the course about?


The course is a vocational qualification lasting 2 years and will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding of working within a business.  You will be encouraged to learn through practical tasks, so will participate in real-life business activities such as running and managing your own event, taking part in job interviews and conducting your own market research.  You will also investigate the different types of businesses and how effective their marketing strategies are.  You will also investigate different communication methods within a business and understand the importance of employing suitable people.  As part of the course we will look to visit a range of organisations and bring in outside speakers to allow you to apply your learning to real examples.



How will I be assessed?


The course is assessed through coursework.  This will take the form of assignments for each unit of study.  There are no examinations.  These assignments will be assessed through a range of tasks including report writing, role play, presentations and creating displays.  Each unit studied is graded at Pass (E), Merit (C), Distinction (A) or Distinction + (A*). 

How will this course help me in the future?


Work – This course will allow you to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance within a business or indeed to set up your own company. 


University – This course alongside other subjects will provide progression to university.  Here you can choose to do a full Business degree or part degree which is combined other subjects.  Possible combinations are Business & Tourism Management, Business & Entrepreneurship, Business & Retail Management and Business & Sport Management.  Studying the course will provide you with the opportunity to develop your communication and independent learning skills which are vital when moving on to higher education.