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Physical Education - Non-Examination

Physical Education - Non-Examination


Non Examination

SUBJECT LEADER: Miss Louise Farr-Voller

Physical Education at Campion develops pupils’ competence and confidence in a range of individual and team activities.  It promotes skill and physical development as well as knowledge of the body in action. 

Pupils will have the opportunity to be creative, competitive and to face different challenges. Pupils will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities and represent Campion school in a variety of different sports. 

-  Key Stage 3 pupils will be taught 5 hours of PE per fortnight 

-  Key stage 4 pupils will be taught 4 hours of PE per fortnight

- Sixth form pupils have 4 hours of PE per fortnight

Pupils will have the opportunity to be assessed in the following areas of activity:

 . Games

 . Dance

 . Gymnastics

 . Athletics

Specifically, pupils will be taught and assessed in four areas of Knowledge and understanding.

 . Acquiring and developing skills

 . Selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas.

 . Evaluating and improving performance.

 . Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.