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KS4 Maths

Years 9, 10 and 11 follow a three-year mathematics enhancement programme focusing on developing skills in numeracy and perfecting problem-solving techniques to prepare them for final examinations and further study.

There are two different routes in each year: Higher and Foundation.

Regular assessments are used to monitor students’ progress along with marking and feedback from teachers. Students are also given homework linked to the work completed in lesson in order to consolidate their learning.

In year 11, the emphasis is on exam practice and technique. Regular mocks are taken to plan for intervention and support. Students are carefully monitored to ensure they achieve their full potential.

At the end of Year 11, students sit three examinations: Paper 1- Non-Calculator, Paper 2 and 3 are both Calculator. Each paper is 1hour and 30 minutes long and worth 80 marks each. These account for 100% of the course since there is no coursework.

All students are provided with a textbook according to the tier they are following and are expected to use it for further study, revision and homework.

Students are encouraged to ask any member of the department for help and support when needed. This can be by appointment or drop in at break, lunch or before/after school.