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Duke of Edinburgh

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                                                                       Welcome to DofE at Campion School
Here at Campion School we give our pupils the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (Bronze Level) and the programme is open to all pupils in year 10.
The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award at Campion School started in 2012, and since then the number of participants has almost tripled. The award is highly regarded by universities and employers alike, and demonstrates determination and commitment of those who complete it successfully. However, it is no easy task!
Pupils who participate in the award must complete four sections;
* Volunteering 
* Skill 
* Physical 
* Expedition
Two of the first three sections must be completed in a three month timescale and the other in six months.
Pupils are expected to carry out the skill, volunteering and physical sections in their own time before the Easter holidays of year 10.
The school then organises training for the expedition section. We spend time in school working on navigation skills and then practise these skills on Newbold Comyn. The next step is to have a practice expedition and for this we camp in Rough Close, near Coventry. On the first day the pupils are supervised closely on their planned route, they then cook for themselves and camp overnight (it can get quite chilly in April!). The next day the pupils pack up all their gear and walk to Kenilworth Castle. It is a real test of physical strength, team work and determination. Once they have completed their practice expedition successfully, pupils can then go on their real expedition 8 weeks later in the Rugby area which is assessed by an external assessor. Pupils are remotely supervised and are more or less completely independent. Yes, at times there are tears, tantrums and nettle stings, but after two days walking and camping we have some exhausted but very pleased year 10s who talk about their Duke of Edinburgh experience for years to come.
In the past two years the students who have done their DofE award have also gone on to become School leaders with both the Head Boy and Girl completing the award, this year 14 out of the 17 School Leaders completed their DofE award with the school.

Angela Leon
Josh Tiffany
Nabella Ali

Outdoor activities & DofE co-ordinator