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Student voice

 'Pupils respond very positively to the school's ethos of mutual respect and support.' Ofsted

We believe our pupils should have a voice. It is vital that they have a variety of opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions. How do we make sure this happens?:

* Year 11 Leaders who act a mouthpiece for the school - doing surveys and asking what students think

* Through assemblies which they have prepared and delivered

* Through KS3 and KS4 surveys

* By working as Ambassadors for the school

* During Learning Conversations within different departments - see example below

* By becoming a Student Leaders

* By becoming a Sports Leader 

Key Stage 3 - English Learning Conversations

Pupils in Year 7 worked with the English department giving their views on the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 in terms of literacy. Each student worked with others from their primary school and a member of staff to discuss what was good about coming to Campion and also how things could be improved even more in the future. 

The children filled in a questionnaire about literacy at their junior school including what they enjoyed and what they were proud of. The children then worked in smaller groups discussing how things are different and what changes they might like to see here.

They talked about all kinds of things from resources available to ways of getting unstuck and improving their ability to resolve challenges. They had a lot of fun as well as coming up with some really useful suggestions and ideas. The session was really useful for the English team and they intend to use the information to make improvements for the transition from Year 6 to year 7