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Student leaders

Campion is keen to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Each year a group of Year 11 leaders are chosen and a Head boy and Head Girl. We also have Sports Leaders from across the Year groups.

Year 11 Leaders

The appointment process is not a short one. To begin with the pupils are nominated by their teachers. The pupils are then given a first stage interview with the Deputy Heads where they must put forward ideas and suggest ways to improve the school. Then pupils are put forward for an interview with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors.

This is an important position where pupils are the voice of the school and also an inspiration to younger pupils. The pupils are involved with organising events, presenting in assemblies and representing the school on various occasions. They also have a responsibility to carry out surveys to find out what is concerning the pupil-body.

Sports Leaders

Over the last three years Campion School has developed the 'Campion Sports Leadership Academy' (LA).  There are currently 70 students involved in the Academy ranging from year 7 to 11. 

Students receive training to support them to be the best sports leader they can be and then have the opportunity to put these skills into practice helping to run sporting competitions and festivals. A smaller group of LA students are also Young Ambassadors.  This is a National programme supporting young leaders to promote sport to other young people and inspire others to get involved.  We also run the FA's Team Sixteen programme which involves a small group of leaders running intra school football competitions at lunch times for other students.