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Transition Team

We have an excellent transition team at Campion:

Admissions and Transition Co-ordinator: Katie Kent - (maternity)

Katie goes out to most of our feeder schools and will also be involved in meeting the children before induction day

Transition Liaison: Gail Henebury

Gail meets with the Year 6's to speak to them about the move to Campion

SEN Lead: Angela Potter -

Angela will be involved in meeting any child with SEN needs at our pre-induction day and possibly going out to visit them if needed.

Behaviour Lead: Angela Burden

Angela will be involved in meeting the Year 6 children at pre-induction and before if needed. 



Tutor  Each tutor group has a dedicated tutor   
House Learning Leaders Unicorn – Joy Pannu  
  Pegasus – Yvette Brown  
  Griffin - Liz Gayton  
  Phoenix – Angela Burden   

Each year 7 student is allocated a buddy from within their tutor group 

School Counsellor


Steve Goodrem 


House Learning Leaders Office Melani Kratz