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The Transition

The Transition

Welcome to Campion School. We are delighted you and your child have chosen to join us. We aim to make the move from primary to secondary as seamless as possible. There is a caring and experienced team of staff dedicated to ensuring your child will quickly settle at the school. Every pupil can look forward to high levels of care, commitment and consideration from staff.

Primary Liaison

We run a fantastic Primary Liaison programme where children from years 5 and 6 at our feeder primary schools experience taster lessons such as science and ICT here at Campion as well as working with visiting teachers in their own primary schools.

Primary Partnership Co-Ordinator

We have a Primary Partnership Co-ordinator, Katie Kent, who works with our feeder primary schools in dance and drama, enabling the students to perform Shakespeare and dance here in our hall. These activities enable children to visit the school and gain insight into our friendly and inspiring community.


Campion has four houses; Griffin, Pegasus, Phoenix and Unicorn, which are organised into mixed-age tutor groups. Each house is managed by a learning leader and through a buddy system, encourages older students to serve as role models to our new pupils. Older students act as mentors to new pupils, smoothing the transition from primary to secondary school. Tutors and house learning leaders play key roles in the nurturing and encouraging of all our students.

If you have any concerns about how your child is settling in or will settle in, please contact their House Learning Leader or their tutor.