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Most Able Pupils

We understand that all pupils from the ones with additional needs, those who are struggling, those who are doing well to those who are most able all need stretching, support and encouragement. In this section we highlight what is on offer for our most-able pupils. 
We offer a range of exciting opportunities to help raise aspirations and provide students with fulfilling experiences.
All Most Able students in year 10 have been allocated a staff mentor who meets regularly with them to discuss their short term and long term targets; they've also been involved in supporting students with organising work experience.
Earlier this year, students were involved in a university style lecture which focused on English. They looked as the popular novel, 'The Girl on the Train', analysed language and uncovered various meanings and deeper interpretations. They were also given more information on studying English at university and the various different career routes.
Recently, students visited Oxford University. They were given first hand information by an admissions officer on how to apply and what they're looking for; students also visited the museum and other areas of the university such as the library.
Moving forward, we're developing our relationships with Russell Group Universities and working alongside them to help encourage and prepare our Most Able students for success at these institutions. We are planning mock style university interviews, taking part in 'super-curricular' activities and building communication skills.