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Welcome to the Library at Campion School

The aims of the library are to promote reading for pleasure in order to support our pupils’ literacy development, and to provide relevant and appropriate study materials to support teaching and learning from Key Stage 3 right up to sixth form.

Our library is a busy hub of learning at the heart of the school. Resources include an extensive range of fiction books to suit all tastes, ages and abilities, non-fiction books and study guides, newspapers and magazines, a DVD collection, a selection of board games, and a stationery shop to ensure that all pupils have the necessary equipment for school. There are also 18 networked computers with internet access and a colour printer for pupils to use.

Opening times are 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday

At break time and lunchtime pupils can come in to do their homework, read, or play games quietly. After school we run a homework club where pupils can call on support to help them complete their tasks.

The library is the focal point of the school’s reading development programme, Accelerated Reader. The scheme is run in partnership with the English Department with all pupils in years 7 – 9 having a dedicated reading lesson once a week. Pupils are guided to choose a library book at an appropriate level and when they finish it they take an online quiz testing their attention to detail and comprehension of the text. They can earn points and certificates and even keep track of the number of words they have read, giving them a real sense of achievement and motivation to read more. Pupils are also expected to read during form time on Wednesday morning in a whole school activity called ‘The Bigger Read’. This involves everyone from years 7 – 11, with sixth form students acting as reading mentors to younger children who need extra support. For more information on ‘The Bigger Read’ please visit our curriculum section or click here to go to the English pages.

Other reading enrichment activities that take place in the library include our participation in the annual Warwickshire Secondary Book Award which allows pupils in years 7 and 8 to have their say in choosing the Warwickshire schools’ book of the year.

The library also hosts the year 11 tutoring scheme which aims to boost performance in English and Mathematics. Small groups and individual pupils benefit greatly from extra tuition in these key subjects delivered by a team of dedicated Teaching Assistants.