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As Head of RE (Religious Education) my vision is:

• To raise standards of achievement
• To continue current good practice
• For students to value the RE curriculum and that this provision meets individual learners needs, concerns and aspirations
• A strong partnership between RE and Careers Education. 
• For students to be provided with the tools to assist their skills and qualities needed for the world of work

Julie Gardner (Head of RE/Careers Education)

Religious Education

KS3 RE consists of 1 lesson in two weeks. The following topics are covered for Year group:

Year 7 – Images of God, Holy Books, Holy Week, Old Testament Heroes

Year 8 – Festivals of Light, People of Faith, Creation, Resurrection.

GCSE Philosophy and Ethics

Students learn about the religions Christianity and Judaism within this GCSE. It encourages students to think more deeply about world issues and how we see those issues in today’s society.

At present, students are enriching their learning experience through the following: 

Crossteach (a Christian organisation) lead lessons and events for all KS3 and KS4 Students in the following areas:


Year 7 students take part in the ‘Christmas and Easter Experience’. 
Year 8 students get involved in ‘Open Space’. 
Year 9 students reflect on issues about ‘Life after death’. 


Year 10 and 11 students consider controversial topics about Euthanasia and Marriage.

Careers Education.

We are fortunate to have a wealth of experience from some of our Business partners including:

National Grid: Ambassadors from this company and others offer their experiences to help equip our students for the working world. 

Year 9 students: 1classroom lesson learning more about their personal career pathway and how to achieve it and also an interview day.

Year 10 students: 1 classroom lesson and an interview day in the school hall, learning about their own personal skills and qualities and how to present them in an interview situation.

Mid Counties Co – Operative: All Year students will learn how to write their own personal statements, CV’s and complete application forms. This will culminate in an interview day with the company’s employers acting as interviewers. 

The National Grid and Mid-Counties CO-OP assist with the Careers Education taught to all KS3 and KS4 students.