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How we work

How we work

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)

At Campion, we are committed to ensuring that pupils reach their full potential, meeting and exceeding expectations, where possible, by the end of KS3. We believe that the key to ensuring that pupils maximise their potential and achieve successfully, is through a positive teaching and learning experience. We aim to ensure that all pupils are provided with a confident and thorough grounding in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening throughout KS3. This will then help to prepare them for the challenges of the new GCSEs at KS4, as well as life beyond Campion. 

Throughout Key Stage 3, pupils will develop their understanding of GCSE poetry, prose and drama, as well as a range of non-fiction and media texts. Pupils begin GCSE preparation from as early as Year 7 as they become familiar with the texts and skills needed for the GCSE examinations. Pupils will be taught to identify, comment, analyse and evaluate. Pupils will also learn to recognise and appreciate the importance and significance of time, culture, context and place, and the impact and effect this has upon the production and reception of texts. They will learn to write using a variety of forms, and for a range of different audiences, purposes and contexts. They will develop their communication skills and confidence as they develop their ability to talk and communicate in a number of different contexts. 

Finally, reading is a key part of pupil development and is something we continue to develop across all key stages. At Key Stage 3 (and 4), all pupils take part in The Accelerated Reader Programme, which seeks to both develop reading ability but also, to promote and actively encourage independent learning. All pupils have a reading book at all times (provided by the library), which is read both in school and at home. At the end of the book, pupils take a quiz on the book and are awarded with points.  These points count towards a certificate in reading and pupils are encouraged to move up through this system.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11 : GCSE)

During KS4, pupils prepare for their GCSE Examinations – both in English and in English Literature. The three year GCSE course is designed to encompass aspects of both English and English Literature, aiming to prepare pupils to become confident learners of both English and Literature. The delivery of the course continues to develop pupils’ understanding of a range of texts and writers throughout time and context, as well as continuing to develop pupils’ ability to communicate and respond to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts – including poetry, prose and drama.  

Years 9-11 pupils are currently preparing for the new GCSE English Language and English Literature qualifications, awarded by AQA. This course has been designed to allow the co-teachability of Literature alongside Language, equipping pupils to be successful in both GCSEs at the end of Year 11. Our current Year 11 cohort will sit both Language and Literature at the end of Year 11, with the current Year 9 and 10 cohorts sitting Literature at the end of Year 10 and Language at the end of Year 11. We have a strong team of Intervention staff who support pupils’ preparation towards these exams.  

All KS4 pupils are also expected to take part in the whole school ‘Bigger Read’ and ‘Accelerated Reader’ initiative, devoting time to reading each week. However, in Year 11, this reading time is devoted to the reading and re-reading of the GCSE set texts. All pupils across KS4 are expected to be reading a range of texts independently, both in and out of school. From Year 9, pupils are given brand new copies of the GCSE texts for study; these are for the pupils to keep, in order to support their preparation for the Literature exams. There is an expectation that pupils will also read these texts privately and independently, prior to commencement of study of each text.

We also encourage pupils to keep an eye out for when revision sessions are running, and we encourage pupils to sign up to and attend as many of these sessions as possible. The English department also work hard to ensure that pupils are equipped with a variety of revision materials and resources to support the preparation for GCSE.

The Bigger Read

At Campion School, students are involved in ‘The Bigger Read’ scheme, which aims to promote reading to all pupils in KS3 and KS4. The scheme takes place on a Wednesday morning during registration, where all pupils spend twenty minutes silently engaged in their chosen text. All pupils are provided with reading levels, and use these levels to help them choose their book from the school library. Further, as of 2016, pupils in Sets 1 and 2 across all years are issued with and expected to read GCSE level texts. This is to support pupils in the development of their reading and understanding skills as they move towards their final GCSE examinations. Promoting independent reading, and making it a consistent feature at Campion School has a huge impact on students’ attainment in English, and therefore it continues to prove to be a great success.


Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13 : A-Level)

At Campion, we currently provide pupils with the opportunity for pupils to develop their love and appreciation of Literature at KS5 through A-Level Literature. 

In Year 12, our students follow the new OCR A Level course, studying a range of texts from across time and place. Key texts of study this year include: ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ (Tennessee Williams), ‘Hamlet’ (William Shakespeare), ‘The Great Gatsby’ (F. Scott Fitzgerald) and a range of poetry by Christina Rossetti. As pupils move into Year 13, the majority of these texts are then revised and re-read in preparation for their A Level examinations. In addition, pupils also read / study ‘A Doll’s House’, by Henrik Ibsen and ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck as they continue their contextual study of American Literature (1880-1940). 

Further, we also have two highly trained teachers of Film Studies who offer Film Studies as an additional A Level option. As part of this course, pupils study a range of films, film / critical theory and directorial methods. This course has proved to be highly successful and over the past two years pupils have enjoyed visits to lectures and workshops at Warwick University – a university we have close links with for this subject. 

Both A Levels have achieved highly successful results over the past few years, with all students securing an A*-C over the past two years. Both subjects also promote independent learning and study, with pupils working towards developing the skills needed for university and life beyond Campion School.