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Head of Humanities: Honorata Nawrot

Welcome to the Geography department. The vision of the Humanities department is that students leave Campion as confident learners, equipped with a toolkit of skills that they can apply not only to geographical situations but to the world of work and further study. Lessons use a variety of learning and teaching strategies to both engage and challenge our students and we have a strong emphasis on independent learning. Across KS3 and KS4 the Geography department uses a variety of GCSE assessment methods including GCSE exams. 


Students throughout Key Stage 3 study Geography for five hours over the two week timetable. The topics covered include the following: 

Exploring UK, Weather and Climate, Africa, Tectonic Activity, Coasts and Global Warming, Population/Migration, Settlement, Rivers & Flooding, Environmental Issues, Ecosystems, Glaciation & Hot deserts 

KS4 Options:  

At GCSE we follow the AQA specification. Students will build on the knowledge and skills they develop at KS3. In the summer term of Year 10, students have the opportunity to go on a fieldtrip. Students will sit 3 exams at the end of Year 11. One of these will cover the Human Geography topics, one covers the Physical Geography topics and the third is a skills based examination, including answering questions relating to fieldwork. The topics covered include the following:  

Challenges of Natural Hazards, Weather Hazards, Costal and River Landscapes, The Living World, Urban Issues and Challenges, The Changing economic world, Fieldwork  

KS5 Options:  

Students follow the Edexcel syllabus. Part of this course is compulsory fieldwork, including a residential trip to develop their knowledge of a variety of geographical skills. For students who choose to study Geography at A-level, the topics covered include the following:  

Tectonic Landscapes, Coastal Landscapes, Globalisation and Regenerating Places, Contested Planet, Geographical Research.