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KS3 Maths


Years 7 and 8 follow a two year mathematics enhancement programme focusing on securing skills in numeracy and introducing problem solving techniques to prepare them for GCSEs and beyond. Year 7 and 8 students who excel will be taught the new GCSE (9-1) Foundation specification in preparation for their transition into KS4. For more information see the KS4 section.

We use the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching programme (CIMT) which has been developed by Plymouth University along with support from Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Esso and the Gatsby Foundation.

There are three different routes in each year: Standard, Academic and Express.

Units of work are grouped together so that students can focus on one area of maths at a time allowing for a deeper understanding of the topic areas. Regular assessments are used to monitor students’ progress along with detailed marking and feedback from teachers. Students are also given homework linked to work completed in lesson in order to consolidate their learning. All students are provided with a textbook which they are able to use outside of lesson time for further development, revision and homework.

Year 7 UNITS:

1. Logic 2. Place Value 3. Graphs 4. Addition and Subtraction of Decimals 5. Angles 6. Multiplication of Decimals 7. Numbers Patterns and Sequences 8. Division of Decimals 9. Areas and Perimeters 10. Fractions 1 11. Data Collection and Presentation 12. Arithmetic Revision 13. Searching for Patterns 14. Time and Timetables 15. Negative Numbers 16. Linear Equations 17. Decimals, Fractions and Percentages 18. Quantitative Data 19. Scale Drawing 20. Fractions 2 21. Probability 22. Volume

Year 8 UNITS:

1. Mathematical Diagrams 2. Factors 3. Pythagoras’ Theorem 4. Rounding and Estimating 5. Data Analysis 6. Nets and Surface Area 7. Ratio and Proportion 8. Algebra – Brackets 9. Fractions and Percentages 10. Probability 11. Angles, Bearings and Maps 12. Formulae 13. Money and Time 14. Straight-line Graphs 15. Polygons 16. Circles and Cylinders 17. Units of Measure 18. Speed, Distance and Time 19. Similarity 20. Questionnaires and Data Analysis

For more information on any of these areas you can go to Alternatively, please speak to Mrs Ali.

If you would like to test how good you are at your times tables - please try the link below:

Maths Chase