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Food Preparation

Food Preparation


In KS3, students create a portfolio of design ideas and carry out a practical project.

Examples of projects are:

Year 7 - Design and make a healthy product

Year 8 - Design and make a healthy lunchbox suitable for a teenager

Year 9 – Design and make a multicultural food product suitable for a specific target group


At GCSE level we offer a course in Catering and Hospitality. The course is designed to give students an introduction to the Catering Industry.

The areas of study include:

* Food and Drink Industry – Establishments and Services
* Job Roles – Employment and Training 
* Food Hygiene and Health and Safety – Food Hygiene and Safety - Food Contamination – Health and Safety at Work * Act – Risk Assessment
* Food preparation Cooking and Presentation – Advanced Food Preparation - Cooking - Presentation Skills
* Food and Nutrition and Menu Planning – Function and Sources of Nutrients – Special Diets and Allergies – Types of Menus
* Costing and Portion Control – Food Costs - Selling Price
* Communication and Record Keeping – Verbal , Written, ICT – Stock Control - Data Logging and Bookings

An interest in and the enjoyment of food preparation, presentation and service is an important requirement of the course. An enthusiasm for food and a willingness to taste different foods is expected. Students will need to provide ingredients from home. Good organisation, planning and commitment are essential.


Written Examination - Unit 1:  40% of the final GCSE grade

One written paper lasting 1 hour 30minutes

Controlled Assessment - Unit 2:  60% of the final GCSE Grade.

Students complete two controlled assessment tasks which are set by the examination board; there is both a practical and a written element. The practical is held under examination conditions and performance is always of a high standard. The practical and written element of the controlled assessment will account for 60% of the final grade

Task 1 completed in Year 10 (20%)

Task 2 completed in Year 11 (40%)