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SEN & Access

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About us

The Access department is just that – a range of ‘Support Provision’ to ensure pupils have additional support to fully access the demands of the curriculum. We support students with learning difficulties including SpLD, Social and Communication difficulties - including ADS, and Asperger’s /Visual, Auditory and Physical difficulties.  We also support pupils with ADD. We make every effort to carefully assess pupils’ needs and provide - where necessary - a personalised learning programme to ensure that pupils’ receive the support which will enable them to achieve and - wherever possible – to succeed beyond their expected potential.

Literacy Support

We recognise that pupils need sound literacy skills and that some pupils benefit from additional literacy sessions. It is crucial to encourage enjoyment of reading while enhancing literacy skills. Therefore the Access department co-ordinates a range of fun and animated workshop literacy sessions. These range from short but regular reading and handwriting workshops during morning tutor periods led by Teaching Assistants to specific spelling and writing workshops. In addition, a number of our sixth formers have volunteered to take part in our shared reading scheme. This enables them to mentor the upgrading of their reading.

All pupils follow the Accelerator Reader scheme which promotes enjoyment of reading and enables pupils to gauge their own progress through a series of mini self-assessments.

Numeracy Support

We have a Teaching Assistant dedicated to the Maths department. Pupils whose numeracy skills need to improve, we offer smaller classes and additional support through our Teaching Assistant who is dedicated to the Maths department. This close monitoring of skills enables pupils to make rapid progress as any gaps in their learning are recognised and addressed.

Pastoral Support

In addition to working intensively with our pupils across the curriculum, Teaching Assistants are also keyworker to a small number of pupils. This enables pupil and keyworker to meet on a regular basis and review their Action Plan. We also have an onsite counselling service which is available to all pupils.

The Access department run a homework club after school on Mon – Thu until 4:30pm.  The homework club is led by a Teaching Assistant who is able to consolidate pupils’ learning and encourage pupils to keep pace with their homework assignments.  Juice, biscuits and a fun atmosphere ensure good attendance and engagement!

A variety of clubs take place, during lunchtime and after school, which take account of the many and varied interests of our pupils. The Access Department run a Hobbies Club on Friday lunchtimes where pupils can – for example - construct a model car/plane, create an art / craft work or play a board game with friends. ,

Monitoring Progress & Personalised Learning

We are very aware that pupil engagement and personalised learning is crucial to our pupils’ success. The Access department have recently introduced ‘Action Planning’ instead of IEP’s for those pupils who need additional support.  Action Plans are more ‘pupil led’. This means that pupils decide their preferred achievement or desired change, and strategies that may work for them. Pupils also decide the evidence of their success – which could be through parent or teacher reports, exercise books / Teaching Assistant notes -.  Action Plans are monitored regularly by keyworkers and the SENCo and are then reviewed at parent / pupil meetings.


 To view the letter from the Department of Education regarding the new arrangements for supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities, please see the attachment at the bottom of the page.