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Virtual Campion

Welcome to Campion Online.

Campion has moved online for the duration of the current closure.

We are working in the background and can support you with school work to complete at home and with help and advice where you would usually talk to your House Learning Leader.

See if you can find the information you are looking for in these links:

Information for pupils

I am looking for school work to complete at home

I can't get the link for a subject to work on a mobile phone.

I need to reset a password for my email account (or a website I use for my school work)

I would like to ask for help from the Access (SEND) team

I need help or advice with a personal problem

I do not have Microsoft Office365 on my computer (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel etc)

I need to access my files on the drives at school

I would like careers advice about my future

I am worried about my sixth form place

I am in Year 11 and need to start my work for Year 12 next year

I am in Year 10 and I need to find the audio files for French and Spanish Mock Exams

I need help to set up my FireFly account

I need help to upload files to my FireFly account


Information for families

Where can I get help if my child has free school meals?

Where can I get help if we are suffering hardship?

My family need to contact the school for help or advice   See the contact details below

I need to contact the Access (SEND) team for advice

I want to report a safeguarding issue

If you need general help or advice on a wide range of issue try the Family Information Service


If you cannot find the information you need then you can contact the school between 8.40am and 4pm using the following methods:


Twitter account (@campionschool)

Facebook account (

Phone school reception 01926 743200 or helpline 01926 743227


You can email any of the following:

General Enquiries

Reception   Tel 01926 743200

Steve Bolsover   Tel 01926 743227

Post-16 support   Tel 01926 743235

Absence Line (for students who should still be coming to school) Tel 01926 743217

House Learning Leaders

Yvette Brown   Tel 01926 743226

Angela Burden   Tel 01926 743223

Liz Gayton   Tel 01926 743228

Hannah Wilson   Tel 01926 743243