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Mobility and Physical

We have experience of working with children with a range of limitations on mobility.

Children with issues with mobility – either temporary (crutches) or permanent can leave lessons a few minutes early whilst the corridors are clear to get to their next lessons or out to break or lunch.

The ground floor is wheelchair accessible in all areas. There are wheelchair lifts to both the gym and the sports hall.

The school has a lift that can take children in wheelchairs between the ground and first floors. The lift is based in the Access suite. We do have three classrooms on the second floor, but we would reschedule classes to a more accessible area if a child was taught by a teacher who is based in one of these third floor classrooms.

The school has a wet room for pupils that need specialist facilities for washing, showering or using a toilet.

We would expect all children to take part in the full range of curricular activities at the school. We offer a range of inclusive sports as part of PE lessons and as extra-curricular activities.

The school has an evacuation procedure for children with limited mobility who are on the first floor.