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Many of our pupils have medical problems that need medication or observation.

Where a pupil has a serious medical condition we will make sure that all staff are aware of any important information regarding your child through staff briefings. We will remind staff from time to time so that they do not forget any specific instructions or guidance that we give.


We ask parents to supply spare inhalers that we can keep in the school office in case of serious asthma attacks.

We do expect all pupils to take part in all lessons, including PE. Pupils with asthma take part in and enjoy our outdoor activity residentials.


Where pupils may be subject to anaphylactic shock we ask parents to provide an in date epi-pen.   We have staff in school trained to use these devices.

For other allergies we will do our best to ensure that your child avoids contact with the allergens. It is not always possible when we are out of school and mixing with the general population.


We have experience of working with pupils with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We ask parents to provide us with the appropriate medication that we can keep stored safely in case of a hypoglycaemic episode.

Life threatening conditions

From time to time we have pupils with life threatening conditions.  We try our best to be as sensitive as possible and to offer children in this category the best experience in school that we can. Often the best experience is the normality that school offers. We work hard to make sure that children fit back into school after any breaks in hospital.

We have found that the children in the school are very supportive of children that have these conditions and often find they have many friends, Children at the school raise money to support the charities that support their friends and peers with these conditions. The charities included the Teenage Cancer Trust and DEBRA (Epidermolysis Bullosa).

Other illnesses and conditions

Please contact the school to discuss your child’s needs and we will do our best to help.

We do ask that any medication is handed in to the school office (or Focus) and pupils can come to the school office (or Focus) to collect the correct dosage at the appropriate times.


All medicine that has been given to pupils is recorded in the medicine register.