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Information for Year 7

Information for Year 7

When new year 7 pupils arrive they go to the refectory. There will be an assembly at 8.40 am. Then they will spend the next few hours with their tutors who will show them round the school and tell them important things they need to know.

At 11am it is break time and the rest of the school will arrive.

At 11.20 am all pupils will be in forms until lunchtime so our new pupils will meet the rest of their tutor group. Usually at this stage the tutor will pair the new pupil up with an older "buddy" to ask if they have any questions.

Lunch starts at 12.10 pm for new pupils. This is 10 minutes earlier than the rest of the school so they are able to work out how the system works without being rushed. This early start lasts all year. We will send out ParentPay account details within the first few days. If you would like the details before your child starts then you can send me a private message me through here with your child's name and an email address and I will email them to you, if the account has been set up. Pupils can bring money in to pay for their lunches. Pupils that have free school meals will find the money on their account every day. Please be aware that any unspent money on free school meal accounts is cleared each day. It does not "roll over" and save up.

Afternoon school starts at 1 pm and lessons start at 1.10pm. There are two one hour lessons and school ends at 3.10 pm. On school days the library is open until 5 pm so pupils can complete and get help with their homework so when they get home they do not have to worry about homework. There is an alternative homework club after school until 4.30 pm for pupils that need greater support.

There are many opportunities for getting involved in extra curricular activities. We would encourage your child to take part. These cover: sport, arts, chess, reading, drama, humanities, rotary and many others. All our after school activities are free.

Year 7 usually get the opportunity to go to the cinema in November as part of a national Film Festival and to the theatre in December. This year the play is Peter Pan. We also take year 7 pupils to the Leamington Museum and Art Gallery in small groups as part of the art curriculum.

We are strict about uniform, equipment, hair and make-up so please make sure that you have followed school policy. You should have received text messages from us over the holidays reminding you of the rules, if not you can find a copy of the message on the "Noticeboard" section of the home page of our website.

Out of school hours you can contact me through Facebook, Twitter or by email. I will try and reply as soon as I can. Please do not use social media for any official requests or contact. These must be done through the school office by telephone, letter or email. Social media is unlikely to be checked regularly during the school day.

We hope your child has great success at our school and that he/she is able to make the most of the opportunities that we offer.

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