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The Witches with Whitnash Primary and Clapham Terrace Primary

On February 1st and February 2nd Campion performed it's production of The Witches by Roald Dahl. Year 3 & 4 children from Whitnash Primary supported Wednesday evenings performance and Year 4 children from Clapham Terrace Primary supported Thursday nights performance. Katie Kent, our Primary Partnership Co-ordinator worked with the children teaching them the tricky song and dance routine.



Rehearsals began in November with the children learning the song they were performing - Revolting Children.


They then began learning the dance routine in January.

Rehearsal at Campion

Then at the end of January they came to Campion to practice their song and dance on the stage with all the lights and sound... it was great fun.


Finally the children performed on the night - they were utterly superb! Well done to all of you!

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