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Reporting for years 7 & 8

In order to judge the progress of pupil in years 7 and 8 we have placed each pupil in to one of 7 progress paths. These paths depend upon their final result at primary school.

Teachers have been asked to choose three topics to assess across the year and then have written criteria for what they would expect a pupil on each pathway to be able to do at each assessment point.

They then look at what the child has achieved against what they would have expected. This is what is reported to parents as to whether they are above, at or below what we would have expected given their starting point at secondary school.

Our intention is to use the assessment grids to set targets and help pupils decide what they need to do to improve their work and try and achieve on a higher pathway than they started. We need to check that the criteria in the grids are accurate and a true reflection of what should be achieved. It will take us at least a year to test out these grids and be confident that we have them set correctly. Once we are sure that the grids are correct we will publish them on our website so that pupils and parents have access to them.

Our reporting of whether your child is above, at or below expected progress is based on what we would expect from their primary SAT score and not age related. This is a significant change from the way these were reported at primary school.

Our pathways look like this:


Primary School Attainment

Sub Level Attainment

Old NC Level for Primary SATs

Progress Pathway at Campion

Higher Prior Attainers




Upper Band




High 5


Middle Prior Attainers


Mid 4 to Mid 5


Lower Prior Attainers

Upper Band

Mid 3 to Low 4


Lower Band

Below mid 3



2 or below



We also report on behaviour, organisation, classwork and homework. You can get further details of how we judge these qualities in the grid you can downlaod from the link below.

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