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Campion is consistently in the top 25% of schools nationally for the progress of our pupils

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Literacy - Writing

We believe that all pupils need to be able to write as fluently as they can.

We have a range of interventions that help us to develop writing at the school.

Writing Workshops

Many pupils have extra lessons in English and maths.  These lessons are part of our pupils’ timetables so that they do not miss important lessons in other curriculum areas. During these lessons pupils are encouraged to express themselves through creative writing.

Writing Frameworks

We encourage teachers to set writing tasks in all subject areas where these would be appropriate. Staff are asked to give pupils a framework in order for pupils to construct their own piece of extended writing.

Some pupils may need very little in the way of scaffolding to write essays and extended pieces, whilst other students may need to have extensive help. This support may take the form of creating a table or mind-maps of the key points and setting out the theme of each paragraph and to offer sentence starters.

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