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AQA Mathematics

What is the course about?

This course offers an excellent balance of pure and decision mathematics, making it an ideal core subject to support science, business & economics, geography and psychology courses as well as being of interest to those who love mathematics!


How will I be assessed?

Each module is assessed via a 75 minute examination with no coursework requirement. All modules are examined in June.

AS Mathematics

  • Core 1         

Algebra, Polynomials, Co-ordinate geometry and Calculus 1

  • Core 2

Transformations, Sequences & series, Trigonometry 1, Logarithms and Calculus 2.

A choice of:

  • Decision 1
  • Mechanics 1
  • Statistics 1

A2 Mathematics

  • Core 3

Functions, Trigonometry 2, Exponentials, Calculus 3 and Numerical methods.

  • Core 4

Algebraic functions, Binomial series, Trigonometry 3, Exponential models, Calculus 4 and Vectors.

A choice of

  • Decision 2
  • Mechanics 2
  • Statistics 2


How will this course help me in the future?

A level mathematics opens a huge number of doors for future study and career pathways.  The future is infinite with A level mathematics.


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