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Mathematics Further

AQA Further Mathematics

What is the course about?

As Further Mathematics is a course covering a further mathematics specific module, Further Mathematics Pure 1 with two other modules Statistics 1 and Mechanics 1,which could be a part of Mathematics As or A2.  A2 Further Mathematics covers one Further Mathematics specific Module Further Mathematics Pure 2 with Statistics 2 and Mechanics 2. 


How will I be assessed?

Just as for Mathematics, Further Mathematics is assessed with 3 modules for As and 3 for A2. 


Further Pure: Algebra, complex numbers, matrices, roots of polynomials, De Moivres Theorem, hyperbolic functions

Statistics:  Numerical measures, Probability, Binomial distribution, Normal distribution, Estimation, Correlation and Regression


Mechanics: Kinematics, Statics & forces, Newton’s laws of motion, Linear momentum and Projectiles.


This course will prepare students for further study in mathematics or mathematics related subjects at University.

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