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Science Curriculum Key Stage 4 - Current Year 11

Key Stage 4 (Current year 11)

 Our current year 11 cohort are following the Edexcel specification for double award science. They achieve a core science and an additional science GCSE. Students are graded A*-G and sit either higher or foundation papers based on teacher assessment. Top set year 11 sit further additional science where they will achieve a third science GCSE. 

Students will sit three exams each weighted 25% and complete a piece of coursework also worth 25% for core science, this is the same format for both additional and further additional science.

Core GCSE Units

B1 – Influences on Life

C1 – Chemistry of our World

P1 – Universal Physics

Additional GCSE Units

B2 – The Components of Life

C2 – Discovering Chemistry

P2 – Physics for Future

Further Additional GCSE Units

B3 – Using Biology

C3 – Chemistry in Action

P3 – Applications of Physics


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