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Science Curriculum Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 (Year 7&8)

Students will study a curriculum designed to build up to GCSE where the three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) are taught as separate units and as independent science homework projects. All students are issued with text book that they use for both their lessons and homework, Activate 1 in year 7 and Activate 2 in year 8.

Year 7 Units

Introduction to Science Unit

B1 Cells and Functions

B2 Reproduction

C1 Particles and Kinetic Theory

C2 Chemical Reactions

P1 Waves

P2 Forces

Year 8 Units

B1 Ecology, Plants and Inheritance

B2 Health and Lifestyle

C1 Substances and Separation

C2 Metals and Acid

P1 Electricity

P2 Energy and Speed


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