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 Edexcel Drama and Theatre Studies

What is the course about?

The course demands practical, creative and communication skills in almost equal measure. You will extend your ability to create drama and theatre as both a performer and a director. You will also be required to write about drama and to develop your powers of analysis to become an informed critic. The course will involve taking part in drama productions, as well as studying plays and playwrights.

AS Level - Course Aims:

  • To form judgements about live theatre.
  • To use subject specific terminology in a range of contexts.
  • To develop performance and production skills appropriate to the creation and realisation of drama and theatre.
  • To work creatively and collaboratively to achieve shared dramatic intentions.
  • To respond to plays imaginatively conveying ideas clearly and coherently.
  • To think independently, make judgements and refine work in the light of research.
  • To analyse the ways in which different performance and production elements are brought together to create theatre.

What you will do at AS:

  • Read and practically explore plays from different time periods
  • Contribute to a scripted group performance
  • Direct and perform a monologue or duologue
  • Create supported written notes
  • Go to the theatre


How will I be assessed?


AS Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre

This internally assessed unit requires students to explore two contrasting play texts in a practical and active way. At least one of the plays must be explored in the light of a recognised theatre practitioner. A video/DVD of the sessions of the practical work will be sent to the exam board for moderation.  In addition a set of Written Exploration Notes based on individual research and response to the practical work must also be submitted. Students are also required to experience a live theatre performance and produce a written evaluation.  All elements of this unit are internally assessed and externally moderated and the unit is worth 60 marks in total.


AS Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance

This externally assessed unit contains two elements. It requires students to contribute to a group performance of a professionally published play by a known writer.  Additionally students must perform either a monologue or duologue from a different play to that offered in the group section.  Students must also provide a written rationale of their interpretation of their chosen role. This unit will be assessed by a visiting examiner under examination conditions and is worth 80 marks in total.


How will this course help me in the future?


Specifically, this AS and Advanced GCE can lead to further study in Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts in Higher Education at degree or HND level. It can be used as part of your course to broaden your studies and may lead on to a career in the performing arts industries.

Overall, Drama enables students to develop their interpersonal, presentational, communicative and team-work skills that are fundamental necessities of life.  Drama and Theatre in their own right are unique and benefit the individual in a way that is not gained from anywhere else.  The Drama experience enriches the quality of our lives and is a valuable entity to take part in.  It has and will continue to give a profound understanding of the human spirit. Therefore, Drama and Theatre Studies AS and Advanced GCE complement many subjects and are useful in building confidence and life skills for any career, demonstrating to Universities and employers that you have the confidence, team-working and communication skills they are looking for.





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