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Campion is consistently in the top 25% of schools nationally for the progress of our pupils

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Programme of Study


Column1 Block 1: Block 2: Column2
  4/9/17-29/9/17 2/10/17-20/10/17 H
Year 7 Boys Football Rugby A
Year 7 Mixed  Benchball Team Building/Orienterring L
Year 7 Girls Netball Football F
Year 8 Boys Football Rugby  T
Year 8 Mixed Benchball Badminton/TT E
Year 8 Girls Netball Football R
Year 9 Boys Football Rugby  M
Year 9 Girls Netball Football  
Year 10 Boys Football Basketball  
Year 10 Girls Netball Badminton  
Year 11 Boys Football Basketball  
Year 11 Girls Netball Basketball  
Housematches   Netball/Football  


Block 3: Block 4: Column1
30/10/17-24/11/17 27/11/17-22/12/17 C
Basketball Team Building/Orienteering H
Uni- Hockey Fitness R
Team Building Orienteering Gymnastics/Dance I
Basketball Fitness S
Uni- Hockey Gymnastics/Dance T
Fitness Badminton  M
Basketball Fitness A
Fitness Badminton  S
Rugby Badminton/TT   
Basketball Fitness/Dance  
Fitness Badminton/TT  
Badminton Fitness/Dance  


Block 5: Block 6: Block 7: Block 8: Block 9: Block 10:
8/1/18-2/2/18 5/2/18-9/3/18 12/3/18-29/3/18 16/4/18-4/5/18 4/6/18-29/6/18 1/7/18-20/7/18
Football Fitness Gaelic Football Athletics Cricket Softball/Tennis
Gymnastics/Dance Badminton/TT Invasion/Multi Skills Athletics Rounders Tennis/Cricket
Badminton/TT Fitness Invasion Athletics Rounders Tennis/Cricket
Football Badminton/TT Gaelic Football Atheltics Cricket Softball/Tennis
Fitness Tag Rugby Benchball Athletics Rounders Tennis/Cricket
Basketball Gymnastics/Dance Volleyball Athletics Rounders Tennis/Cricket
Badminton/TT Basketball Football Athletics Softball Tennis/Cricket
Basketball Volleyball Invasion Athletics Rounders Tennis/Cricket
Fitness Football Basketball Atheltics Softball Football
Volleyball Football Invasion Athletics Rounders Tennis/Cricket
Indoor Football Football Softball      
Volleyball Invasion Rounders      
  Basketball/Badminton Rounders/Softball Sports Day

This is the sports each year group cover over the year. The students have an opportunity to compete in house matches at the end of each half term which contribute to gaining house points.

Housematches Netball/Football Badminton/Basketball Indoor Athletics Rowing/Benchball Rounders/Softball Sports Day

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