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Post-16 Homework Guidance

Post-16 Homework Guidance
Over two weeks Y12 students should be completing eight hours private study/homework per subject.  Teachers will set homework for a minimum of two hours every two weeks and will guide students on how they can effectively use their private study time.  Please note that some subjects may require students to spend more time than the suggested amount in order to meetdeadlines for course work.  These subjects will make students aware of this and potential deadlines so they can plan around this.
For Y13 students they should be spending twelve hours private study/homework per subject over the two weeks as they will have to go over their Y12 work independently.
For all students taking exams in the summer they will need to be spending more time on private study/revision from the start of the Easter holidays, if they are to be fully prepared for their exams and be able to reach their full potential.  If they have a job they should be looking to do no shifts until their exams are over or at the very least keep these to a minimum.  Working the whole of the Easter holidays is not recommended and will have a negative impact on their studies.

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