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Uniform Information

At Campion School there is an agreed dress code. This was drawn up by students, staff, parents and governors. The code covers not only uniform, but also the wearing of jewellery, make-up and outdoor clothing. The purpose of the dress code is to allow students to arrive at school dressed safely and to feel secure in their appearance and therefore able to concentrate on achieving their maximum potential in all their lessons. We believe that the dress code is sensible and relatively inexpensive and, therefore, we consider that all students from Year 7 to Year 11 must arrive at school suitably dressed; we are sure that parents will support us on this. Any unreasonable excesses of appearance may lead to a student being temporarily removed from a lesson or possibly being sent home until the situation is resolved. Tutors are asked to check standards of dress regularly.

School Uniform

The school’s uniform suppliers as are:

Chez Rama

9-11, Clemens St, Leamington Spa, CV31 2DW, Tel: 01926 450231

Stitch-Tech Ltd, 7c Jenton Road, Sydenham, Leamington Spa CV31 1XS, Tel: 01926 883366

Boys: Royal blue blazer, blue and silver striped tie, long or short-sleeved white shirt (tucked in), black trousers with a plain black belt (no jeans or trousers of a very slim fit or other unusual fit).   Plain black, V-neck jumper, or a hip-length, V-neck cardigan (cardigan should sit on the hips – long cardigans will be NOT be allowed) to wear in cold weather, to be worn with the blazer.  Plain black shoes (not trainers).

Girls: Royal blue blazer, white shirt (tucked in) (worn with blue and silver striped tie) or white blouse (worn without a tie). Plain black trousers (no pin-stripes or checks) (no jeans or trousers of a very slim fit or other unusual fit) or skirt with a plain black belt if necessary. Skirts should be of appropriate length for school, as a guide close to knee length.  Studded or patterned belts are not allowed.   Plain black shoes (not trainers). Plain black, V-neck jumper, or a hip-length, V-neck cardigan (cardigan should sit on the hips – long cardigans or shrugs are NOT allowed) to wear in cold weather, to be worn with the blazer.

For boys and girls: a sensible outdoor coat in a sombre colour (not denim) that does not carry any unacceptable logos. Black shoes (not trainers or boots) with low heels, suitable for all weathers and for walking around school, including up and down flights of stairs.  Hoodies are not acceptable as school coats.

PE Uniform

The PE uniform is changing from September 2016. It will be compulsory for new Year 7 pupils, but pupils already at the school can continue wearing their current PE kit until it wears out, at which point they should purchase the new version. The new PE uniform is only available from Stitchtech. 

All students are expected to wear the correct PE kit – pupils are expected to take responsibility by arriving for PE lessons with the correct equipment. As some pupils have more than one PE lesson in a week it is suggested that students have more than one Campion polo shirt, so that their kit is not in the wash when they have a lesson.

Boys’ PE Uniform

The compulsory uniform is blue & orange sports top, matching blue & orange shorts, royal blue sports socks, shin pads, trainers, and football boots.

The optional part of the uniform for boys is blue & orange rugby top, plain black tracksuit bottoms (worn over the shorts) and plain black fleece top (worn over the sports top).

Girls’ PE Uniform

The compulsory uniform is blue & orange sports top – either the more fitted girls’ version or the same top as the boys, matching blue & orange skort, royal blue sports socks and trainers.

The optional part of the uniform for girls is a blue & orange fleece (worn over the sports top), black tracksuit bottoms (worn over the skort), black PE leggings (worn under the skort) and black fleece top (worn over the sports top).

Plain black means that there is no large logo printed on it. Fleece can be any suitable material for a tracksuit.

Pupils can have their surnames printed in white on the back of the sports top, and/or rugby top. Only their official surname will be allowed. No nicknames or first names.


All students should have a pencil case containing the following:

Two black/blue biros                            Two pencils                              One pencil eraser

One, 6” ruler                                       2 pencil sharpener 

All pupils should have an appropriate backpack to store equipment – handbags are not acceptable.

Uniform Marking and Lost Property

Please make sure that each item of school uniform and equipment is marked clearly with your child’s name so that it can be returned if lost. All lost property is kept at Reception and, each term, pupils are invited to claim any unwanted items – at the end of term remaining items are disposed of. 

Make-Up, Jewellery and Hair Styling

Only minimal appropriate make-up and clear nail varnish is acceptable. Students will be asked to remove anything considered unsuitable.

The school also has guidelines about the wearing of jewellery. Students are only allowed to wear earrings, one small stud per ear. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, nose studs and other piercings are not permitted. Religious exceptions should be discussed with the Headteacher.  Any inappropriate jewellery worn will be confiscated and put in the school safe.

All students are expected to remove outdoor clothes such as coats and scarves when entering classrooms and the refectory. Hats, including baseball caps, should not be worn inside the school building. Hoods are never to be worn when on the school site.

Extreme haircuts and styles are not allowed. No pupil is allowed to have very short hair, tram lines cut into their hair or unnatural hair colouring(s). All pupils with long hair are strongly advised to have it contained neatly for safety reasons when necessary.

If you have any queries, please contact the school to arrange an appointment to talk to one of the Senior Leadership Team.


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