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Campion is consistently in the top 25% of schools nationally for the progress of our pupils

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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented

The most important focus for our intervention with gifted, talented and aspirational pupils (GTA) is the quality of learning in the classroom. We regularly monitor the level of challenge to make sure that pupils are being stretched.

We look for activities which enhance the curriculum and for those which widen pupil experience. We have a programme of key activities which we believe will prepare our GTA pupils for further and higher education.

We are working in partnership with Warwick University Outreach Team to enrol as many of our GAT pupils as possible onto their IGGY portal. This is their International Gateway for Gifted Youth site which brings together academic staff at the University with gifted pupils from around the world. Our partnership with Warwick and Coventry Universities also provides Year 9 pupils with aspirational mentors through their Student Progression Team. Pupils visit Oxford and Cambridge Universities for tours and lectures as well as visiting other Russell Group universities.

During the school year we plan a range of trips and activities for pupils that want to do well and increase their general knowledge and experiences. Pupils have visited a range of museums, galleries, lectures, theatres and cultural events.

Talented artists have had the chance to work with professional artists on internships, gifted scientists have been to Warwick University to experience medicine and talented sports-people had the chance to compete in a range of competitive events including our  Sports Day which we hold at Edmondscote.  

Some of our pupils are attending Warwick University’s prestigious residential Summer School.  

In the past we worked with year 8 pupils from other schools in the area on collaborative projects including building computers, CSI forensics and studying submarine technology. In previous years we have worked on collaborative projects with year 9 pupils.

In the future we are developing academic mentoring for Key Stage 4 and Post-16 pupils using our links with local universities and our partner businesses including Midcounties Co-op and National Grid.



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