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Exam advice

Rules and helpful information

Exams will take place in the gym.

Morning exams start at 9 am, afternoon ones at 1.20 pm. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time.

Check your printed timetable, learn your 4-digit candidate number, it will be the same one all the time you are in school.

Check the seating plans which will be displayed inbetween the toilets. Sit in the correct seat for each exam – it is likely to vary from exam to exam. Sitting in the wrong seat may lead to you being given the wrong paper. All the rows and desks are clearly labelled.

Make sure you write your name and candidate number on each exam paper you sit.

Coats and bags may not be taken into the exam room. Leave them in the appropriate changing room. Hand valuables in with your mobile phone.

Only see-through pencil cases are allowed in the exam room, if you do not have one then put your equipment in a see-through plastic bag.

You may bring in a bottle of water, please remove the label first.

Only black pens may be used. Do not use correcting pens, highlighters, gel pens on your exam script. Papers are scanned into computers for marking and only black pen shows up.

All mobile phones, iPods, MP3/4 players and any other products with data storage must be handed in before the start of the exam. Failure to do this may result in your exam script being disallowed.

If you have any problems during the exam put your hand up and wait for an invigilator to come. (However they will not help you with the exam paper!)

Rules for these exams are set by the Exam Boards; we are obliged to follow them.

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